Brian and Valerie | Workshop Engagement Session

When Brian and Valerie joked about this location for their workshop engagement session, I was skeptical. But when I saw it in person I was jumping for joy!! My whole relationship with Brian and Valerie was a whirlwind. I met them at a bridal show last January, met with them a few weeks later, and […]

Ashlee and Bill | Prairie Wolf Spring Engagement Session

No, you’re not seeing double! This is part 2 – Ashlee and Bill’s Prairie Wolf spring engagement session! Their first session was scheduled for the middle of the Polar Vortex. We had to cut it short and decided to wait until the spring to try again! It was a long, cold, dark winter, so FINALLY […]

Ashlee and Bill | Provin Trails Winter Engagement

Ashlee and Bill get married this weekend, and I hope it’s a heck of a lot warmer than it was during their Provin Trails winter engagement session!! They had already had fall engagement photos taken when I met them, so we decided to get a different look and do winter photos! Well, as it turns […]

Jackie and Charlie | Calder Plaza Casual Summer Engagement Session

I am SO excited to celebrate with Jackie and Charlie this weekend for their wedding at Frederick Meijer Gardens!! I hope the sun is shining like it was at their Calder Plaza casual summer engagement session!! The Gardens is definitely a dream location for local photographers – botanicals that bloom year round? Multiple indoor greenhouses? […]

Megan & Phil | Dreamy Celestial Kansas City Wedding

For those of you who have spent more than 5 minutes in conversation with me, you know that my time in Kansas was not the greatest years of my life. (Kansas City barbecue is a total myth and does not exist.) I questioned for years why we were stationed there. As time passed, it became […]

Tim & Lora | St. Mary’s Visitation Catholic Wedding in Byron Center

I am so excited to share Tim & Lora’s St. Mary’s Visitation Catholic wedding in Byron Center for a few reasons!! First, because it was beautiful, of course! Second, this is my church where I grew up!! I love when I get to photograph here 🙂 Tim & Lora both claimed to not be “photo […]