Meet Jessie

A classic wedding photographer WITH a bold, modern twist BASED IN GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN

I’m an endless optimist and can (or at least try to) make a joke out of anything. I’m rooted in tradition, but hate following the crowd. I absolutely believe in love at first sight.

I love couples who love each other madly, and love to have fun together. I love capturing your true authentic self on camera. From belly laughs to romantic kisses that belong in a chick-flick, I’ll do what it takes to make sure you have the most fun throughout your wedding. I love creating images that are bold, bright, happy, and fun! After all, weddings are happy occasions – why should your photos reflect anything different?!

From the day-of timeline to helping you find your perfect vendors, I love getting to know my couples and helping them throughout their wedding to ensure a happy and stress-free experience!

Where I find Inspiration...


I love bold, bright color. You’ll rarely see black & white images from me, and it’s why my editing style is the way it is!  I’m also an endless summer girl that cherishes our warm, sunny days, and always prefer to photograph when it’s sunny out!  Well, Mexico is a place that certainly has plenty of color AND sun, which is why it has captured my heart entirely!  My husband and I have vacationed there twice and I have seriously contemplated moving there! My bucket list definitely includes photographing a wedding here!


My grandparents were married for 71 years!  Our extended family is very close and it’s because of these two.  I have a soft spot for grandparents, and understand photos of them on your wedding day will one day become a cherished memory.  If your grandparents are the last ones left during the anniversary dance, chances are you’ll see me hiding my face behind my camera, trying not to cry!


I rarely take things seriously and always try to make a joke out of anything. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll often see the hashtag #youliketolaughdontyou. It relates to a very embarrassing story of mine, but just serves as a reminder that I’ll do whatever it takes to get you laughing! (And if you ask nicely I might even tell you the story.)


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